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Eddy K Bride Jessica in Dreams Style Napa

Dress Style: Napa

Store: The Wedding Dress Co.

Favourite Dress Feature: The detailed lace

Hair Stylist: Mark Alexander Summers

Makeup Artist: Jen St. Jaques

Wedding Rings: Deborah Green Jewelers

Ceremony Venue: St. Mary Magdalene Church, Mitford.

Wedding Theme: Country/Rustic

Catering: Trudie’s Kitchen

Photographer: Scott Spock

“Trying on wedding dresses wasn’t anything like I imagined. Everything I thought I liked when I tried it on, I didn’t! I felt nervous and uncomfortable and didn’t really enjoy the experience at all. That was until I went to The Wedding Dress Company in Corbridge. I had a wonderful experience! I went to my appointment with my Mum and Grandma, we had the boutique to ourselves with two amazing members of staff- especially Sarah. They made me feel so at ease and excited! I tried on a few, but didn’t really get the feeling. I was standing in a dress looking at myself in the mirror, about to give up, until I spotted the dress that was out on show! Totally and completely not what what I thought I wanted; It was strapless, covered in beautiful detailed lace, and it was big! Something about it made me want to try it on, and that was it! I felt like a princess right there and then, and I cried! My mum and Grandma cried too! I’d found the dress, and I LOVED it! Every single detail!” – Jess


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