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10 Easy Gorgeous Wedding Nails to Match Your Eddy K Dress

“If you’re looking for a stunning nail look to match your gorgeous Eddy K wedding gown, look no further! We’ve come up with 10 stunning styles to get you excited about your dream dress all over again! Whether it’s matching a subtle sparkle or the perfect shade of champagne, these are our top looks to match our top gowns! 😍” -The Eddy K Social Team

  1. Sparkle Glam with Crystal | SKY303

2. Clean with Allegra | SKY301

3. A touch of art with Fleur | EK1403

4. Be golden with Hazel | CT284

5. Mix & Match with Jennifer | EK1454

6. Shine bright with Janine | DR2220

7. Be bold and colorful with Blake | EK1451

8. Dare the classics with Selena | DR2210

9. Boho chic with Magnolia | DR2208

10. Be graceful and a little something more with Grace | EK1405