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Eddy K Bride Hannah in Italia style Tasha

Dress Style: Tasha | EK1461

Store: Brides of San Diego in San Diego, CA

Hair Stylist: Beauty an the Beach OC. Stylist Mariah

Makeup Artist: The Bride!

Ceremony & Reception: Saddleback, Rancho Capistrano

Theme: Elegantly Rustic with a splash of a Glamour

Photographer: Shelby Preston

“How true it is they say when you know, you really just know. After trying hundreds of different bridal gowns, the moment I put Eddy K on, I knew instantly this would be the one.  I knew it was the one because I never wanted to take it off. The feeling of wearing Eddy K made me feel like a real-life princess. So much royalty and glamour put together in one dress. Truly was everything and more I was looking for.” – Hannah


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