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Eddy K Bride Katie in Dreams Style Adela

Dress Style: Adela

Store: Betsy Robinson Bridal

Wedding Planner: Shayla Button

Photographer: Kevin Hentz from Look Alive Photography

Hair Stylist: Sarah Aiello

Makeup Artist: Kelsey Vetri

Floral Arrangements: Foster’s Flower Shop

Cake: Yia Yia’s Bakery

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Wyndridge Farm

Wedding Hashtag: BaldwinningItUp

“Despite the weather, everything came together perfectly. I really didn’t put much thought or effort into the details. I wanted it to be simple and natural. The venue itself was to be the “decoration”. Honestly, I didn’t even pay any attention or notice the decorations and details during the ceremony or reception. My focus was on my husband and having a great time. My hair, makeup and dress came together so perfectly. It was exactly what I had envisioned. I don’t know why people go crazy over all the little details and spend so much time obsessing over the small things. It’s really not worth it when the time comes. I’ve never felt so beautiful, comfortable and confident. I typically hate to have all the attention on me but that day, it didn’t even phase me. I didn’t want the day to end. My dress was so comfortable that I would have slept in it, had my husband let me.” -Katie


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