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Eddy K Bride Meagan in Dreams Style Elsa

Store: The Bridal Path in Jackson, MS

Photographer: B.Flint Photography

Hair Stylist: Cut Ups

Makeup Artist: Anna Russell & Ivy Robbins

Bouquet Arrangements: Jim’s Lily Pad

Cake: Creative Cakes

Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church

Reception Venue: The Jefferson

“I happened to have a day off unexpectedly when my mom was free as well, so she traveled three hours to visit. Our coinciding off day also happened to be the 7th anniversary of my dad’s passing. We needed a bit of happy that day, so I called the nearby bridal store. The Bridal Path sweetly fit us in that very afternoon! We had tried looking for a dress once before and didn’t make much headway, so our expectations were low, but it was a good distraction. The Bridal Path went above and beyond. Dress after dress she brought out for me to try, each one more beautiful than the first. Somehow we narrowed the choices to two- one understated with lots of lace (much more me) and another with a bit more sparkle and detail. But my mom said,“This is not just an every day dress. This is a one time ever, princess dress. So which is the princess dress?” And there was no question. We found the dress. And from now on September 4th for us doesn’t have to be a sad day. It’s also now the day we found my perfect dress. Just like with most other things, my mom and I attach a more sentimental meaning to experiences and things than others, ha! It’s not just a beautiful dress. It’s a redeeming of a traditionally difficult day. So finding this dress will forever be an extra special experience for us, and I did indeed feel just like a princess on my wedding day!”



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